Training Methods

GoodDog! (gooddog) n.

1. a dog that is well-behaved, skilled, reliable,virtuous, enjoyable, and superior to the average.

2. Your dog . . . when you train with GoodDog! Training LLC

Training is Effective And Enjoyable for You and Your Puppy!

GoodDog! Training LLC emphasizes the relationship between you and your puppy. Tara will show you how to use contemporary dog-friendly, reward-based methods, to teach your puppy to be a well-mannered family member. You will also learn how to motivate your puppy, and communicate effectively so your puppy understands what is expected of him without using harsh or aversive, old-fashioned training.

Training in a positive way, using food rewards, touch, toys, praise, and life-rewards, leads to a better-trained, happier dog. Plus, you will build a loving and trusting relationship together. You and your puppy will enjoy training because it’s fun . . . and that means you will train more often!