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4 Pet Hair Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Pets tend to take a large place in our hearts. We might not understand them, but that doesn’t stop them from being our best friends. Moreover to this joy and happiness, there is one more thing that our fuzzy little buddies bring along with them- piles of hair. If you own a pet, especially a cat or a dog, you can relate to hair on the drapes, on the floor, on the table and just everywhere. While this doesn’t really happen voluntarily, this hairy situation can get out of hand quickly if not dealt with properly. All it takes is a few easy tricks up your sleeves to deal with this mess. What to do? Well you can start with..

1. Vacuuming the Right Way

vacuum cleaner for pet hairThere are two ways when it comes to vacuuming; the normal way and the right way. Usually, we tend to bring in our ordinary vacuum, plug it in and work with it. When it comes to pet hair, this regular way would serve as a good workout but would miserably fail to clean up the hairy mess. If you want to pick up this pile of embedded, then the right way involves taking a slight dampened cloth, running it over the hair-zone, and then bringing out the best vacuum for pet hair. This will do wonder for you and you won’t see any fine hair in those carpets of yours. Pet hair calls for special vacuums.

2. Lint Rollers All the Way

Dogs are a man’s best friend and so are lint rollers. They make it easy to pick those loose strands up in minutes and usually come in cheap rates. All you have to do is run the roller a few time and watch the hair stick up. And if you are out of lint rollers, roller or warping tapes can help you in the similar manner. Although it’s not pretty to use, but rolling a tape around your hand and going over the furniture can work too. But yes, this hack can pose as a hassle to many.

3. Dryer Sheets vs Microfiber Cloth

A normal cleaning cloth fails at sweeping the tables clean and you probably know that by now. The debate stands at whether dryer sheets work well or microfiber cloth? The answer is both. Dryer sheets are readily available in your house and can give you the satisfaction of true cleanliness in just a few sweeps. Microfiber cloth involves no rocket science either and are perfect for cleaning glass tables. However, the microfiber cloth gives up after a few months, so people usually go for dryer sheets. But whatever option you resort for, just be sure to slightly dampen it before using it.

4. Humidifier can Save You

humidifierEveryone knows the usual tricks, the popular among which are the rubber glove technique, the slight damp mop for floor, and window squeegees etc. The reason why we have to resort to so many options is because pet hair is really pesky and sticks too well to almost everything. A more intelligent solution, which can not only help these strands to stop clinging around but also overall leave the house odorless and fresh, is to get a humidifier. They are not only good for dealing with severe climatic changes, but they are also good for you over-all well being.

And yes, always remember, your dogs love you more than the hair they shed! Happy cleaning!